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Protect Your Business From Cyber Threats - Webinar

Thu 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Facilitated by FLINT
Topic: Cyber Security

What is cybersecurity? Why does it matter to you and your small business? What can you do to be more cyber secure? Join us as we discuss what is cybersecurity and its importance to your small business. This webinar is designed for those who are looking to learn more about the general concepts of cybersecurity and for those looking to refresh what they already know. We’ll walk you through a quick-paced webinar, ask a few poll questions of the audience, and give you time for question and answer with the Michigan SBDC’s Cyber Security Awareness Program Specialist, Scott Taber. You'll leave the webinar with: 1. General understanding of cybersecurity concepts 2. Explanations of why these topics matter for your small business 3. Key steps you can easily implement in your small business”

Speaker(s): Scott Taber, Cyber Security Awareness Program Specialist

This workshop also includes a pre-workshop Cyber Security assessment provided by the MI-SBDC to help you determine what your business's risks might be. The assessment is an interactive learning tool designed to increase your understanding and preparation for managing those risks. The assessment takes 20-30 minutes but is a powerful and important tool that will help you understand - and ultimately reduce - your vulnerability as a small business. Well worth the time to complete it! The assessment can be found at and is open and available to any business that wants to profile their cyber security vulnerability. After registering, please click "Continue" and complete the GoToWebinar registration page to ensure you can access the webinar. A confirmation email from: (GoToWebinar System) for this webinar, along with the link to join it on the day of, will be emailed to you upon your registration into the GoToWebinar System.

Fee: No Cost

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